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Tax Changes Scheduled to take Affect in 2011


Happy New Year! Now that the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has passed, it’s time to plan for tax changes scheduled to take effect in 2011*:

• Marginal tax rates on ordinary income are scheduled to rise to a maximum rate of 39.6% and the low 10% bracket is eliminated.

• The federal estate tax is revived returning with a $1 million exemption and a 50% maximum rate.

• Marginal tax rates on capital gains are scheduled to rise to 20%.

• Taxes on qualified dividends will be taxed as ordinary income at your highest marginal tax rate.

As a result you may wish to place stronger consideration on your 2011 charitable gifting intentions. Given the higher tax environment, such gifts may help to offset these higher taxes. There are many ways of making charitable gifts: Charitable Remainder Trusts; Charitable Lead Trusts; and life insurance. Many individuals plan their annual gifting program not just to satisfy the emotional benefits of gifting, but to reap financial benefits as well.  

Emotional Benefits of Gifting Financial Benefits of Gifting 

• Personal satisfaction

• Support a cause you believe in

• Helping your community

• Provide a legacy

Financial Benefits of Gifting

• Possible reduction in estate taxes

• A strategy for capital gains

• Possible income tax deduction

On behalf of Wellness Place and the Board of Directors I thank you for your continued support of our organization. Because of you and your charitable heart, we are able to provide services to our participants and their families affected by cancer. Please consider Wellness Place in your 2011 charitable gifting plan, so that we can continue to provide this much needed and valued service to our community.

My best to you and your family in 2011!


Ellaine Sambo-Reyther

Director of Trust & Estate Advisory Services

Harris Private Bank

Board of Directors for Wellness Place

(847) 756-5543


* Proposed tax figures as of 11/2010

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