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Cancer-Related Counseling for Individuals, Couples, Families and Caregivers

A diagnosis of cancer has a profound impact on the individual with cancer, as well as their families and caregivers. Counseling at Wellness Place contains many components depending on need and stage of diagnosis.

Counseling in private sessions or support group environments can help you and your loved ones cope with emotional and physical responses, manage stress and find effective ways to communicate with family members, doctors, other healthcare providers, and employers. A child and adolescent specialist, who is also a certified art therapist, provides counseling specific to children and teens.

Our oncology specialist’s offer individualized sessions to help you and your caregiver find answers customized to your needs. Topics include:  Treatment and side effects; terminology; guides for caregivers; nutrition; and effective communication with healthcare providers.

Specialized areas of counseling

Art Therapy

Individual sessions led by a board certified art therapist are available for pediatric, adolescent and adult cancer survivors and family members. Art therapy provides an opportunity to express thoughts, emotions, desires, and anxieties related to diagnosis and treatment. Facilitated by:  Lori Mackey, MA, ATR-BC, CCLS

Breast Cancer

Individualized breast cancer counseling is open to women whether newly diagnosed, in active treatment, or post treatment. Issues discussed range from body image and intimacy to emotions and communication. Facilitated by: Kathy Hill, RN, MS, LCPC

Child & Adolescent

Wellness Place child and teen programs are customized to meet individual needs through private counseling, age-specific support groups, workshops and art therapy. A Child & Adolescent Specialist is on staff to work with children and teens who have cancer themselves; who have a parent or sibling with cancer; or are experiencing grief from losing a loved one. Facilitated by:  Lori Mackey, MA, ATR-BC, CCLS

Grief & Bereavement

One-on-one grief and bereavement counseling is offered for children, teens and adults who are dealing with the death of a loved one from cancer. Facilitated by: Kathy Scortino, RN, MA, LCPC

Family & Sibling

Consultations are available for parents to discuss common concerns related to discussions with children about cancer; the balance of home, treatment and work; as well as sibling and discipline issues. Facilitated by:  Lori Mackey, MA, ATR-BC, CCLS

Prostate Cancer

Professional guidance is offered from a patient perspective to help develop individualized strategies for successful treatment and maintaining quality of life. Support is also available for partners of those with prostate cancer. Facilitated by: Russ Gould


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